Estate and Trust Services

Planning For The FutureLiving Trust & Estate Planning

Tom Williams CPA is highly trained and ready to help you with the difficult decisions of what to do with your assets now and after you’ve passed on from this life. Estate planning is not just about having a will or a trust. It’s having the appropriate tools in place to facilitate the transfer of your assets to the intended recipients with the least amount of difficulty, administrative costs, and taxes, while assuring that your wishes are carried out as you intended. It may mean exercising a gifting program while you’re still living, allowing you to witness the enjoyment that your loved ones experience. Tom has partnered with local law firms to ensure that all your estate planning needs are met and to make the process as efficient and painless as possible. With so many changes in estate tax law over the past decade and with more being predicted in the near future, a review of your estate plan is advised.

Preparation of Estate Tax Returns

We offer estate return preparation, both state and federal, when required. Our professional staff stays informed on recent legislation regarding the federal estate tax and current filing requirements. We look for post-mortem planning opportunities that may save your estate significant tax expense. Even when a federal estate tax form is not due, post-mortem planning can be considered to help ease the tax liability of the surviving spouse’s estate.

Preparation of Estate and Trust Income Tax ReturnsGrandparent with Grandchild

Tom Williams CPA provides advice and representation on federal and state estate, gift and income tax issues that affect the estate or trust, its beneficiaries or fiduciaries. The administration of estates and trusts can be tricky, and knowing the available elections, distributions rules, and filing deadlines is essential in competent administration.  

We prepare all the individual tax return services for estates and trusts. Additionally, we provide ideas for planning lifetime gifts, charitable goals and cash flow optimization. Examples of our estate and trust services include:
  • Preparation of federal estate and trust and tax returns and applicable state inheritance/estate tax returns.
  • Preparation of federal and state fiduciary income tax returns for trusts and estates, including tax planning to minimize income taxes. 
  • Working with attorneys, executors, trustees and beneficiaries to minimize estate tax and income tax.
  • Preparation of federal and state gift tax returns.
  • Preparation of federal estate tax returns and applicable state inheritance/estate tax returns.

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