Tax Services

taxservicesHow a tax return is prepared and the way tax law is interpreted and applied during preparation is important.  We prepare every return with experience, expertise and double check for the maximum refund allowed by law.  The following is an overview of just a few of the tax services we offer:

Business Return Preparation

We have completed thousands of returns for Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs and other business organizations and ventures.  Our list of clients includes all types of businesses from Physicians to Daycare Centers.  We provide assistance and advice from the formation of a business to yearly strategic tax planning.

Individual/Personal Return Preparation

Williams & Williams CPA can prepare federal, state, and local tax returns for Individuals and Business with all tax situations and complexities.

Estates and Trusts

Our experience extends to fiduciary returns including Estates, Trusts and the preparation of estate tax returns that have a reporting and death tax requirement.

incorporationNew Business Formation – Incorporation & Assignment of Federal I.D. Number – It is important to properly structure your business when incorporating.  Incorporating a new business is a fairly simple process but if structured incorrectly, it can greatly affect the future of your new business. Williams & Williams CPA has helped many people form new corporations accurately and timely. There are distinct differences between sole proprietorship and other types of incorporated businesses. We will assist you with determining which type of incorporation works best for you. There are many ways to structure your business. We will decide whether an S-corporation, C-corporation, partnership or  LLC, is best for your business.

Legal/financial Services – Don’t hire an expensive lawyer who bills for every phone call!  Tom Williams will not charge you an arm and leg.  He does not charge by the phone call and can save you time and money!  His knowledge and expertise for is always on the cutting edge because he attends tax seminars and continuing professional education courses for Licensed CPAs registered in the State of Florida. Tom Williams CPA has an extensive network of colleagues in the legal, banking, financial, mortgage and insurance professions.  They work closely with Tom to get the results you need without having the hassle of going through the process of vetting and hiring on your own.  Tom knows who is good and who can be trusted to look after your interests, giving you the confidence and edge you need to meet your goals.

office auditTax Audit & Tax Notice Representation – We provide a full range of representation before the IRS or Florida Department of Revenue in all areas such as audits, appeals, collection, levies, liens and criminal investigation matters.  Tom’s extensive experience level and expertise in dealing with the IRS can provide the client with an under-standing of how the IRS functions administratively and how it relates to a client’s particular problem.  Tom is well versed in how to most effectively represent his clients in areas such as:

  • Examination of Tax Returns

  • Appeal of Proposed Assessments

  • IRS or FL Dept. of Revenue Notices

  • Abatement of Penalties

  • Release of Levies and Liens

  • Offers in Compromise

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalties

  • Florida Sales Tax Audit

  • Worker’s Compensation Audit

  • Reversal of Administrative Dissolution

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