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officefistDon’t hire an expensive lawyer who bills for every phone call!  Tom does not charge by the phone call and can save you money!  His knowledge and expertise is always on the cutting edge because he attends annual seminars and continuing professional education courses for Licensed CPAs registered in the State of Florida.

Tom Williams CPA has an extensive network of colleagues in the legal, banking, financial, mortgage and insurance professions.  They work closely with Tom to get the results you need without having the hassle of going through the process of vetting and hiring on your own. Tom knows who is good and who can be trusted to look after your interests, giving you the confidence and edge you need to meet your goals.

Don’t hire an attorney, hire Tom today and get better results, in less time, for less money!

  • Estates and Trusts
  • Florida Sales Tax Problems
  • Florida Sales Tax Audit
  • IRS Tax Audit
  • Worker’s Comp Tax Audit
  • Incorporation- New Business Start-up

Your CPA for life & business.

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